Containers, Boxes and Bags for Medical Waste

We provide our customers with red bags and containers for free as part of our “everything’s included, no hidden fees” pricing policy.  We will work with you to determine which containers will best fit your medical waste stream needs.

Medical Waste Containers

This is a 28-gallon reusable medical waste container.

Reusable Containers

Our reuseable containers have been specifically designed for the safe transport of red bag medical waste from your facility to the treatment facility, meeting all regulatory requirements. They come with 28-gallons in capacity and have lids that are designed to stay attached. They are also easy to clean.

This is a 28-gallon cardboard medical waste container.


For medical facilities that prefer to use a disposable box, we offer a 17.5W” x 18D” x 22.25”T box that will hold slightly more than 28 gallons. They may also work the best for you if all your waste will be in sharps containers. Your sharps containers will likely fit better in the cardboard boxes than in the reusable containers. These boxes may suit you best if you are looking to save space. Unused boxes can be kept flat and put out of the way.

This is the red bag that lines your choice of container to put your medical waste in.

Red Bags

Our Red Bags Are 10 Times Stronger Than Your Red Bags

Did you know that not all red bags are created equal? Most medical waste disposal companies use “gusseted” red bags that have seams similar to those found on standard trash bags. The problem with these gusseted bags is that the seams sometime break apart, and, when they do, infectious diseases can leak into your facility.

That’s why we use “star-sealed” red bags. Our star-sealed red bags are ten times stronger and ten times safer than gusseted bags. They’re also more expensive, but protecting our clients, their employees and their patients is well worth the added cost. That additional cost is for us, not you. We provide all of your supplies for free.