Our Medical Waste Pick-Up Process

medical waste

Our Medical Waste Pick-Up Process, transportation, and treatment methods are all State and Federally compliant. You will have no worries when working with us. As soon as we pick up your medical waste, it is legally in our possession. Our medical waste pick-up process works as follows:

1. Our trained medical waste technician takes care of the medical waste pick-up from your facility.

2. Medical waste is secured for transport on our truck.

3. At the end of the day’s route, the medical waste is brought back to our permitted transfer station.

4. These materials are held at the transfer station temporarily and then sent to a state-permitted processing facility.

5. Regulated medical waste in the red bag is taken out of the cardboard box, or reusable container, and shredded. It is then sterilized in an autoclave. Once it is sterilized it can then go to a landfill. The single-use cardboard boxes are recycled.

6. Pathogens, pharmaceuticals, and trace chemotherapy are sent to a permitted facility for incineration.

7. Reusable containers are then sanitized.

If you have any questions about our medical waste pick-up process, please contact us through the form on the right-hand side of the screen or call us at 706-317-4937.

This is also a good number to call if you are interested in getting a quote for your services. We would be happy to call you a client of ours. Call in and ask for Drew if you have any questions about our business. We look forward to serving you.

If you would like more information about our Containers, Boxes, and Bags, then please visit this page.

Our medical waste pick up process