Our Pledge To You

our pledge
My name is John Barwick. My company has been providing on-site document shredding services to companies for the past eleven years. This is a service-oriented business, both at the customer location level and at the customer service level when a customer calls into our offices.

My philosophy on service is to make sure the customer receives the service they expect, and deserve, and then some. I also feel that you are working for that customer and if you do not, or cannot, provide them with the proper service, they will find someone else that will.

The medical waste disposal business is very similar in that you are providing a service to the customer. I commit to you the same high level of friendly and dependable customer service in this business that we have provided over the past eleven years in the shredding business.

My office phone is 706-317-4716.

My cell phone is 706-332-4886.

I am always available to talk to a client, especially if they have a problem. If we do not know we have a problem, we cannot fix it.


John O. Barwick, III