Confidential Pick-Up and Delivery of Your Documents

document pickup

River Mill Data Management can come to your location and help you prepare your records for off-site storage.

We will:

  • Box your records
  • Bar-code your records for an instant, error-free identification
  • Deliver your records to our secure facility
  • Provide you with a detailed inventory of all containers in off-site storage
  • Clean out and inventory your mini-storage unit

When you need a file, then let us know, and we will retrieve it and deliver it to you. There will be no more endless searching for the files that you need. Organizing and managing your files is what we specialize in, and we can handle all of your document management needs for less than they are costing you today.

If you are interested in learning more about how River Mill Data Management’s Document Storage Service will work for your organization, then please fill out a contact sheet, and we will contact you to discuss your solution.