Facilities & Security

Our facility is closed to the public and our doors are electronically locked at all times. All visitors to our facility must sign in and be accompanied by a River Mill representative at all times. Our facility is sprinkled and monitored around the clock by A-Com Protection Services. Motion detectors, laser beams, and door contacts help ensure that your data remains secure at all times.


Protecting your data is our number one priority. You can sleep well at night knowing that your data is safe with us!

Our Facility

  • 55,000 square-feet
  • Premises monitored 24/7 for fire with particle beams and water flow detectors
  • Sprinklered
  • Doors are locked electronically
  • Security cameras at every entrance
  • Flood sensors
  • All perimeter doors have door contacts monitored by A-Com
  • Motion sensors throughout monitored by A-Com
  • Any visitors must sign in and be accompanied at all times by a River Mill representative
  • Pre-employment 7-year background check on all employees
  • Pre-employment drug screen with random drug screening throughout the year