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Does your business need to safely and cost-effectively dispose of sensitive information? Businesses produce more sensitive information now than ever before (learn what you need to shred). New privacy and information disposal laws are coming into effect every day. Compliance with all of these new regulations is requiring more and more education and effort.

Outsourcing your data destruction needs to a NAID AAA Certified paper shredding service will protect you from the following risks and give you these benefits at far less cost than shredding your sensitive information yourself:

Risks and Burdens of Personal Shredders

  • Reconstruction is possible. Shredded paper in your trash only tells criminals what likely contains valuable information.
  • Cost of the machine, maintenance, your employees’ time at their regular salary, electricity, and office space (on average, it costs about twice as much as a shredding service).
  • No legal verification that a document has been properly destroyed. Extra effort is required to provide legal verification.
  • In-house shredders shred too slowly, making it too time-consuming to watch employees. If they are not happy with their employer, they are less likely to do their job properly and more likely to misuse the sensitive information that they come into contact with.
  • Employee fraud is too common these days. In many cases, the employees assigned to do the shredding work have the least concern for the proper disposal of that sensitive information. Background checks are rarely performed.
  • Trash placed outside for pickup is legally “public property” (California v. Greenwood). Whatever is “public property” is not protected under the Fourth Amendment (Katz v. United States). Nothing prevents people from rummaging through your trash and taking your shredded paper with sensitive information when it is thrown away as regular trash, not even the law.

Safety and Ease of a Secure Shredding Service

  • Mobile shredding services mix your shredded paper with thousands of pounds of shredded paper from other clients before taking the load back to a locked warehouse. Loads of 20 tons of mixed shredded paper are sent off to recyclers several times per week, making reconstruction impossible. The contents of the locking container provided to you will never be touched by human hands.
  • The cost of a shredding service can range from 10 cents per pound to 40 cents per pound. Employee wages and office shredding machine cost/upkeep/depreciation means shredding in house costs four to five times as much, making outsourcing more cost efficient as well as more secure.
  • Certificate of document destruction provided.
  • Shred trucks have a built-in video monitor that allows you to watch the paper being fed into the shredder. It only takes four to five minutes to shred 300 pounds of paper.
  • One of the requirements for a shredding company to achieve NAID AAA Certification is to administer thorough background checks and drug tests on all potential employees before hiring. Every employee undergoes annual drug tests after they are hired.

Shredding services exist to help you destroy your data and protect your business from these risks in an economical and environmentally-friendly way. We will provide you with a certificate of destruction, proof that you have destroyed your sensitive information. River Mill Data Management recycles everything possible.

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