How Much Does Mobile Shredding Cost?

A mobile shredding company can be worth its weight in gold when it comes to protecting its customers from potential identity theft and fraud. There are plenty of ways to shred your valuable information as cheaply as possible, but these services tend to be as ineffective as they are inefficient. To get the most from…
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How Long Do I Keep My Tax Documents: Records Management

Which records should you keep for tax purposes, and how long should you keep them? The question causes confusion every year during tax season, in part because so many different rules apply.
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How to Protect Your Businesses Data with Document Destruction

All businesses have confidential data, whether it’s just the contact information and business model of a sole employer or a large business with many employees. Every business also has customers, and that data might include contact information, social security numbers – depending on the type of business and financial information. Lawyers and medical professionals have…
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How Secure is Mobile Shredding?

  Throwing documents away in the regular trash, even if they have only your address on them, gives identity thieves another piece of the puzzle they need to steal your identity. Even if you shred documents with a home office shredder, your data isn’t safe. Strips are easy enough to put together to get confidential…
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Prevent Identity Theft with Document Destruction

Identity theft can wreak long-term havoc on individuals and business owners alike.
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Benefits of Using Local Document Destruction Services

There are a number of benefits when using local document destruction services. As a commercial or home-based operation, creating a secure environment where documents can be shredded without worry can be problematic, especially if the documents are being transported to another location. With home shredding services available, it is easy to monitor the shredding process…
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