How Much Does Mobile Shredding Cost?

A mobile shredding company can be worth its weight in gold when it comes to protecting its customers from potential identity theft and fraud. There are plenty of ways to shred your valuable information as cheaply as possible, but these services tend to be as ineffective as they are inefficient. To get the most from your home shredding services, you need to consider what it really means to have your information floating out there in a way that is either fully or partially accessible. We’ll tell you more about what it really means take care of your documents, so you never have to worry about the consequences of your data in the wrong hands. 

Shredding Services Cost

It’s not just necessary to shred obvious documents, like your credit card statements or your tax filings. Fraudsters can piece together your information from receipts, prescription labels, and even old postcards with your pet’s name on it! The more information the thief has, the more likely it is they’ll be able to guess your password or pose as you. A single consumer in 2017 spent about $425 in both direct and indirect costs to fix their identity problems, and these costs don’t include the sheer frustration of trying to clear up a case of mistaken identity theft. The exact cost of services cost will depend on the volume of data you need to be destroyed, but you can bet the costs will be worth it. 

Cheapest Shredding Services

You can certainly consider buying a paper shredder and doing the dirty work yourself. This option is both economical, and it gives you a sense of control over your own information. However, the real cost of paper shredder isn’t so much the price tag, it’s the time you spend going through document after document. Considering the volume of sensitive data, it’s impractical for most people. Experts recommend getting a shredder that will criss-cross your documents, as this helps you put one more challenge between a thief and your information. 

If you choose the cheapest shredding services available, the company may destroy your documents in such a way that can be pieced back together in the case of a motivated thief. These companies may isolate your data as well, making it easier for thieves to use. Considering just how much financial gain there is to successfully stealing one person’s identity, thieves are happy to take on a profitable jigsaw puzzle or two. 

Contact River Mill Data Management 

If you’re looking for paper shredding truck cost, consider River Mill Data Management as a total solution. We guarantee secure destruction of all print media, documents, and electronic hard drives. If you’re looking for mobile shredding services residential, we can help you destroy the documents that can be your downfall if they end up with the wrong person. Whether you need a one-time service to get rid of all your old tax returns or you’re looking for regular services, we can work with your individual needs. Your data is mixed with tons (literally) of other printed media before being shipped to a recycling plant in large batches. Contact us today to let us know more about what you need or to ask questions about our services. 

Date Posted: June 8, 2021

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