Online Access to Inventory of Archives And Records

Online Access to Inventory

You can access your inventory of files stored with us online at any time. With each of your files or boxes barcoded and indexed, our database management software, Total Recall, allows you secure online access. You can initiate online requests for:


  • File pickup and retrieval
  • Inventory reports
  • Movement and tracking of files
  • Unlimited indexing and sorting of information for report down load

Our Database Software

We use Total Recall, a software program specifically designed for commercial records centers by DHS International.

Total Recall provides bar-coded inventory tracking, container locations, work order creation, and unlimited container indexing. You can access your inventory of stored items online at any time!

If you are interested in learning more about how River Mill Data Management’s Document Storage Service will work for your organization, then please fill out a contact sheet, and we will contact you to discuss your solution.