Hard Drive Destruction

River Mill Data Management does far more than erase hard drives. We physically destroy hard drives and can offer you NAID AAA Certified on-site hard drive destruction service with our hard drive crusher.

Erasing hard drives does not guarantee that your sensitive information is irretrievably destroyed. Reformatting hard drives is too time-consuming, and degaussing hard drives has proven to be ineffective due to new disk shielding technologies. That’s why we destroy hard drives with over 10,000 pounds of pressure. First we record the serial number, then destroy your computer hard drives with our hard drive crusher.

After your hard drive is destroyed, you will be provided with a Certificate of Hard Drive Destruction. You can also witness the destruction of your hard drives if you like. After the destruction, the scrap metal is recycled.

Whether you have one hard drive or hundreds, River Mill Data Management can ensure they are destroyed in a thorough and secure manner.

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