Tape Rotation Service

Tape Rotation

If a natural disaster strikes or your office burns down, is your data safe? If all of your information is stored in one place, it may take a long time for your company to get back in business. Storing your backup data tapes in a secure, fireproof media vault and having them rotated on a regular basis is an inexpensive way to make sure that you always have a current backup of all of your system data.

A Rotation Service for Back-Up Tapes or Hard Drives Gives You:

  • Data protection
  • Regularly updated data
  • Comfort with disaster preparedness

River Mill Data Management’s uniformed security professionals will come to your office to pick up your most recent backup tape or hard drive and leave behind your old ones for re-use. The tapes are scanned for tracking and to document their location on each step of the process so that you can know where your backups are at all times. They are transported in a secure media van. You will know that you have a recovery back up in our secure, fireproof and climate-controlled vault. Storing your data offsite is essential for disaster recovery.

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