File-Level Indexing for Quick Retrieval

Barcode on a folder labeled, "Sensitive Documents"

Are you uncertain about what is in your storage boxes? By using our indexing service to create a digital index for each file folder in each box, you will know exactly what is in that box. When you need to know what is in a box, you can use our online service to audit its file folder inventory. You will not have to maintain lists of the contents of your boxes.

When required, you can call us and request the specific file you need, and it will be immediately located. We can retrieve and deliver the specific file without having to bring you the entire container. Indexing your inventory can make file retrieval a lot easier and more convenient for you.

River Mill’s Cutting-Edge Technology

River Mill’s goal is to have a “zero defects” file service, which means we have the systems and controls in place to maintain a 100% find and retrieval rate. You will never have to worry about files being placed in the wrong spot and never found again. Our top-of-the-line software keeps track of the locations of your files. You can have your documents indexed on a container level or a file level for each file in the container. Our delivery schedule is customized to meet both your regular service and emergency service needs.

We have both open-shelf filing and box storage systems available for medical files that have been purged from your office.

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