How to Protect Your Businesses Data with Document Destruction

All businesses have confidential data, whether it’s just the contact information and business model of a sole employer or a large business with many employees. Every business also has customers, and that data might include contact information, social security numbers – depending on the type of business and financial information. Lawyers and medical professionals have even more personal information. Businesses need to protect all of this information during the time they are required to keep the information and when they are permitted to destroy files. When employees destroy documents, you are not keeping confidential information safe. Instead, professional document destruction by River Mill Data Management ensures that your documents are safe from prying eyes.

Secure Document Destruction

Personal document shredders usually shred documents into strips. If you did buy a cross-cut shredder, the pieces may not be small enough. And, you cannot get secure document destruction when you have an employee shred the documents. Even your most trusted employee could turn on you for any reason.

For secure shredding to avoid identity theft, you need to put the documents through a micro shredder, which cuts each document into over 1,600 pieces – sometimes as much as 3,000 pieces. Our shredders cut every document into thousands of pieces, then, along with other businesses’ documents, they are baled and sent to a recycling plant.

Your documents go from secure locked shred boxes you keep in your secure file room, then are wheeled to our mobile truck in your parking lot. You can even watch the documents being shredded. The employees dump the entire box of files into the shredded without touching the documents. You will get a certificate of destruction after all documents have been destroyed.

Additionally, we can shred digital media, including hard drives, USB drives and other data storage mediums. You will also get a certificate of destruction for any digital media that we shred.

Mobile and Drop Off Shredding Available

When you have a business, you can set up a mobile shredding schedule with us, or use our drop-off shredding services. With mobile shredding, or on-site shredding, we come to you. We take the locked shred boxes from your secure file room to our truck, which is parked in your parking lot. When you sign up with us, we create a schedule based on the number of documents you need shredded. We can come out weekly, monthly, or even yearly – you tell us how often you need us to come out.

The truck, with its industrial paper shredder, shreds all of your documents immediately. You can watch them being shredded. The truck is locked and secured, so you watch the shredding on a monitor outside the truck.

If you choose to use our drop-off shredding services, you bring your documents to our office. This is a good option for businesses that do not have a lot of documents and for residential customers. We weigh the documents to determine the price of shredding your documents.

Contact River Mill Data Management

If you do not have a professional shredding company to shred your documents, or if you are not happy with your current shredding company, contact River Mill Data Management today to discuss your shredding needs and to set up a schedule to shred your important and confidential documents, including employee documents, financial documents, secret business information, customer and/or client information and other confidential records.

Date Posted: April 27, 2021

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