Prevent Identity Theft with Document Destruction

Identity theft can wreak long-term havoc on individuals and business owners alike.

By gaining access to your confidential documents, thieves can gather valuable information, including your Social Security number, medical history, financial details and much more. Armed with the right data, these criminals can drain your bank accounts, open new credit in your name, and get you into all manner of legal hot water.

Fixing a case of identity theft can take years, as you spend countless hours on the phone with the police, banks and government agencies. Without the proper reports filed and law enforcement authorities notified, your credit and reputation may never recover.

How do you stop identity thieves? You outsmart them by never letting your confidential documents fall into their hands in the first place. By ensuring thorough document destruction with secure mobile shredding, you can prevent identity theft.

Shredding Personal Documents

Most people consider unwanted personal documents to be trash, and they dispose of them the way they dispose of all other garbage — by tossing them into the refuse bin and pushing it to the curb for collection. With barely a thought, too many people leave a wealth of highly sensitive, potentially damaging information for thieves to collect.

What types of commonly discarded documents can be used in identity theft? Thieves going through your trash will look for bank records, utility bills, pay stubs, expired credit cards and statements, tax returns, information on pensions and investment accounts, medical bills, and even unwanted offers for pre-approved credit. These documents provide a wealth of data for would-be criminals.

To prevent identity theft, secure destruction of confidential information is critical. Shredding unwanted, important documents helps ensure that your personal or business data is not available for identity thieves to use against you.

Mobile Shredding Services

When you shred your own documents, can thieves put the pieces back together? While time-consuming, reconstructing shredded documents is possible by determined criminals — and the chances increase with the fewer pieces the confidential document has been shredded into.

For even the most determined identity thieves, putting shredded documents back together would take many hours. By mixing the shredded documents with other shredded papers, the task becomes even harder.

Mobile shredding services take a variety of steps to ensure that your shredded documents remain safe, providing you with identity theft protection. By incorporating a secure chain of custody and providing you with a Certificate of Destruction at each visit, your mobile shredding provider helps keep your confidential data safe.

Contact River Mill Data Management

If you have old, unwanted documents, don’t put them in your garbage. Leaving intact documents at your curb for weekly refuse collection serves as an invitation for identity theft.

Instead, work with a trusted mobile shredding provider for secure document destruction. River Mill works with both individuals and businesses across a variety of industries for one-time document purges, as well as routine shredding scheduled weekly, monthly or quarterly.

By working with River Mill, you ensure that your documents do not fall into the hands of identity thieves. From banking and credit card statements to tax records, utility bills, employment records, medical information and legal documents, all papers containing sensitive information are collected in secure consoles. At your convenience, River Mill team members provide secure shredding for your documents. To learn more about our secure document destruction services,  please contact River Mill, or call us at (706)317-4716.


Date Posted: April 6, 2021

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