Does My Small Business Need Mobile Document Shredding Services in Georgia?

When examining the question “Does my small business need mobile document shredding services in Georgia?” you need to ask yourself three things: – Does my business handle personal customer information, such as names and addresses, medical histories, dates of birth or drivers license numbers? – Does my business maintain records on employees including names, social…
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The Need For On-Site Shredding Services in Georgia

In today’s tight economy, it is common for companies to ask if they really need on-site shredding services in Georgia.  Some small businesses consider this type of service a luxury item and less of a must have.  Unfortunately, businesses that make that decision are putting themselves at great risk. Other companies understand the need to…
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Some Things to Look For When Contracting Mobile Document Shredding Services in Georgia

When your company makes the decision that it is well worth the cost to hire a professional mobile document shredding service in Georgia, you may quickly find that there are many choices available.  What are some things to look for when contracting for these vital information security services. Do they have mobile shredding services available?…
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On-Site Shredding Services in Georgia: What Needs to Be Protected

People often ask, “Why do I need to use on-site shredding services in Georgia?”  The answer is simple, protect your customers, protect your employees and protect your business.  First, let’s look at what kinds of information need to be protected and then we’ll look at what it means to be protected.  Basically, any piece of…
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Let’s Get Started: Mobile Document Shredding Services in Georgia

Mobile document shredding services in Georgia have grown in recent years in response to the increasing number of federal and state regulations requiring the protection of customers’ private information.  For decades there was a patchwork of regulations and laws that dealt with privacy protection, but in recent years, as technology enabled criminals to do greater…
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