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Mobile document shredding services in Georgiamobile document shredding services Georgia have grown in recent years in response to the increasing number of federal and state regulations requiring the protection of customers’ private information.  For decades there was a patchwork of regulations and laws that dealt with privacy protection, but in recent years, as technology enabled criminals to do greater damage with sensitive information, the federal government in addition to most states have passed laws that require more stringent controls on private and sensitive information.

What information needs to be protected…

We’ll look at this more in depth in later posts, but what actually needs to be protected deserves some mention now.  Customers’ private information, such as address, date of birth, social security number and any health related information that is attached to a specific person is information that is protected by law.  Companies also often decide that proprietary information on products and services, financial information and most internal communications should be kept secure.  While not necessarily mandated by law, protection of these types of information is often in the company’s best interest.

Mobile document shredding services in GA and around the country have grown to assist businesses in managing these new requirements in a safe and cost effective way.  Shredding services come in various forms, both with on-site and centralized shredding capabilities, but many businesses prefer mobile document shredding services because they can ensure on-site that all sensitive material has been shredded fully, and there is no question of whether information is lost en route to a shredding facility.

Mobile document shredding services in Georgia use the latest shredding technologies available, ensuring that document re-construction (the painstaking process of re-assembling shredded documents) is practically impossible.  When looking for a mobile document shredding service in Georgia, you must look for certain certifications and ensure the company carries the proper insurance, but more on that in a later post!  Happy shredding…

Date Posted: May 13, 2011

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