The Need For On-Site Shredding Services in Georgia

In today’s tight economy, it is common for companies to ask if they really need on-site shredding services in Georgia.  Some small businesses consider this type of service a luxury item and less of a must have.  Unfortunately, businesses that make that decision are putting themselves at great risk.On-Site Shredding Services in Georgia

Other companies understand the need to shred their sensitive documents, but would prefer to save a few pennies and either do it themselves or have it transported to a central shredding facility.  This choice, too, can lead to costly errors and mistakes.  Indeed, only on-site shredding services in Georgia offer businesses the full level of protection they need in today’s information world.

As technology has accelerated in the last few decades, criminals have begun to target information rather than goods, as the payoffs from steeling valuable sensitive information can far exceed the paydays from steeling a truck of goods.  For example… a criminal gang might decide to target a group of businesses residing in a single commercial property.  They may choose a building that is home to doctors’ offices, lawyers’ offices, or perhaps a few financial planners.  They send someone at night to look through the trash, searching for un-shredded documents with sensitive personal information.  If they find something useful (and you’d be surprised at how easy that is), the lead could put them onto an individual or another business that is worth targeting for identity theft, financial fraud or a host of other criminal acts.

On-site shredding services in Georgia protect against this and other types of information security violations.  On-site shredding services provide the company with visual proof that all the sensitive documents have been shredded.  Other potential benefits of on-site shredding are the fact that no documents or material can be lost en route to a central shredding facility, and if scheduled on a regular basis, provides the business with a guaranteed date/time that their critical information is shredded and kept safe.

There is no question that on-site shredding services in Georgia are the way to go.  Make sure you choose amshredding service wisely and be sure to ask if they have on-site shredding capability.  If not, keep looking!



Date Posted: June 6, 2011

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