Mobile Document Shredding Services in Georgia – Should My Business Have a 100% Shredding Policy?

This question comes up a lot when businesses are contracting with mobile document shredding services in Georgia.  It comes down to this – businesses know that they have a vulnerability with their paper waste.  Included in the trash can be social security numbers, home addresses, medical histories with names attached, financial records and the list…
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On-Site Shredding Services in Georgia – Creating a Comprehensive Information Security Plan for Your Business

So, the good news is you’ve started a shredding program at your company or small business, and you’ve engaged the services of a reputable on-site shredding service in Georgia. You’ve set a pick up schedule that works for your business and you are seeing your sensitive paperwork get shredded by the on-site shredding service in…
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Back To Basics – What to Consider Picking a Mobile Document Shredding Service in Georgia

Chances are, your business is like most others and you produce a modest amount of confidential or sensitive paperwork that from time to time needs to be destroyed by a mobile document shredding service in Georgia. Maybe you’re a healthcare provider, legal office or financial office and you produce a great deal of sensitive paperwork. …
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Don’t DIY When It Comes to On-Site Shredding Services in Georgia!

Hiring a professional on-site shredding service in Georgia is well worth it when it comes to protecting your sensitive documents.  Even though the economy is still somewhat uncertain and small businesses in particular are looking for ways to keep costs down, the risks of handling something this important in the wrong way are just too…
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Summer is Nearly Here – Time to Set Up Your Mobile Document Shredding Services in Georgia

Even though summer is almost upon us and family vacations and weekend barbeques start filling our schedules, it’s a great time to reevaluate your company’s document protection and set up your mobile document shredding services in Georgia. As we’ve talked about before, there are numerous pieces of information that your company handles which need to…
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On-Site Shredding Services in Georgia: How Criminals Process Your Information

Hopefully, by now you’ve been able to conduct the trash test we discussed in the last posting and have clearly understood the need for on-site shredding services in Georgia. Most likely, you found several pieces of information in more than one trash bin that could have been used by criminals or an unscrupulous competitor. Now…
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