On-Site Shredding Services in Georgia – Creating a Comprehensive Information Security Plan for Your Business

on-site shredding services GeorgiaSo, the good news is you’ve started a shredding program at your company or small business, and you’ve engaged the services of a reputable on-site shredding service in Georgia. You’ve set a pick up schedule that works for your business and you are seeing your sensitive paperwork get shredded by the on-site shredding service in GA.  Great!  But now what?  Have you examined whether or not you have a comprehensive information security plan for your business?  Let’s take a look at what this means.


We all know at least a little about physical security.  You almost definitely lock your doors and if something is particularly important or valuable, you probably lock it up in a safe or locked cabinet.  Information security is somewhat more complicated.  Basically, it’s the security that protects your valuable information, such as sensitive personal information of your customers or employees, company financial information or sensitive internal planning documents.  Now, shredding the material you no longer need is a big first step towards securing this information.  If you’ve followed the guidance in our previous posts, you know how to shop for a reputable on-site shredding service in Georgia.  But what do you do with the documents or material that you know is sensitive, but which you no longer have a need to use on a day to day basis?  Did you know that many on-site shredding services in Georgia, such as River Mill Data Management, can also safely store your documents in a safe, cost effective manner?  Of course, some of these materials you will need to keep on-site in locked cabinets or rooms, but document storage is usually not a productive use of your expensive office space and it’s worth considering whether you should look for off-site data storage.

So, now you have your on-site shredding service in Georgia; you have them storing your sensitive documents you may need again in their storage facility.  You practice good physical security and have anything you keep on premises that’s confidential locked up in a cabinet or room; so, what’s left?

One of the most neglected pieces of a solid information security plan is training.  Sure, you have contracted with a great on-site shredding service in GA, but how do you know your employees are placing all the necessary documents to be shredded in the locked collection bins?  Frequent training (monthly, if possible) is required to ensure your employees know how to judge what is sensitive and what is not.  Try to avoid boring power point lectures, and give your employees real examples of documents from around your office.  For example, they find an old company contact list with each employees name, phone number and home address on it – what do they do?  They are cleaning out an old cabinet and find a series of medical histories, but with no names attached – what do they do?  What if the names are attached?  Point is, keep your training interesting and involved and you will see positive results from your employees.

As you can see, finding an on-site shredding service in Georgia is only one of the pieces of the puzzle.  As they say when you’re learning to play Chess, remember to look at the whole board!

Date Posted: June 27, 2011

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