Mobile Document Shredding Services in Georgia – Should My Business Have a 100% Shredding Policy?

Mobile document shredding services GeorgiaThis question comes up a lot when businesses are contracting with mobile document shredding services in Georgia.  It comes down to this – businesses know that they have a vulnerability with their paper waste.  Included in the trash can be social security numbers, home addresses, medical histories with names attached, financial records and the list goes on and on.  All of this information is a gold mine to criminals who target businesses for identity theft and focus first on their trash as a source of information.   So, to mitigate this risk, companies reach out to mobile document shredding services in GA, but then are faced with an additional problem.   You see, the shredding service will place locked storage bins throughout the office as receptacles for materials to be shredded.  Working on a pre-determined schedule, and sometimes on an as needed basis, the mobile document shredding service in Georgia will bring a special mobile shredding truck to the company and shred everything in the bins on-site.  This is an extremely valuable service that can give terrific peace of mind to the company, knowing that their sensitive materials are being disposed of properly.


But… how do you know everything that needs to be shredded is going in the bins?

Great question.  Now, we’ve already discussed in a previous post that to be truly effective a shredding program needs to have a quality training portion in place so that employees know what to place in the shredding storage bins and what can go in the normal trash.  If you go through the efforts of hiring a good mobile document shredding service in Georgia, you need to have good training in place to make sure your money is being put to its best use.

Some companies have trouble providing the training, however.  They’re able to take care of hiring a reputable mobile shredding service in GA, but they may have no one on staff who is knowledgeable enough in information security matters to be able to train the other employees.  The company may also not be able to spare anyone’s time for this added training.

Luckily, there’s a solution.

It’s called a “100% shredding policy.”  A lot of military units and government organizations use this because it takes the lift off of training your workers to evaluate what’s sensitive and what’s not.  Basically, ALL paper or digital media that’s thrown out is put in the shredding bins.   There’s no judgment call on the part of your employees.  Everything goes in the bins. That way, nothing is left to chance, and the odds of something slipping through the cracks and hurting your business are minimal.  Of course, this may require some additional costs because your shredding volume is higher, but it might be worth it once you consider your own business’ situation.

As you can see, contracting a good mobile shredding service in Georgia, such as River Mill Data Management, is only a piece of the puzzle.  Once you have your shredding program in place, however, and it’s running smoothly, you’ll be grateful you went through the effort.

Date Posted: July 1, 2011

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