On-Site Shredding Services in Georgia: How Criminals Process Your Information

On-Site Shredding Services in GeorgiaHopefully, by now you’ve been able to conduct the trash test we discussed in the last posting and have clearly understood the need for on-site shredding services in Georgia. Most likely, you found several pieces of information in more than one trash bin that could have been used by criminals or an unscrupulous competitor.

Now that you see the exposure your company risks if you do not use on-site shredding services in Georgia, you need to evaluate what exactly you want to shred.  If you have the resources, a 100% shred policy is the safest route to go.  This is used by many companies and numerous government agencies and smaller units.  A 100% shred policy is a relatively easy training lift for your employees and it severely limits the possibility of important information ending up in the wrong hands.

If you can’t afford a 100% shred policy at your company, you will need to establish new guidelines for your personnel and train them to distinguish between documents that should be shredded verses those that do not need to be.  Your on-site shredding service in Georgia may be able to help you with setting up your guidelines and your training, but the basic concept is that you need to look at your information through the eyes of you adversary, such as a criminal out to steal someone’s identity or an unscrupulous rival business.

As we’ve discussed before, many pieces of information, such as legal information, social security numbers and medical history are easily identifiable as types of information that need protection, but here is another piece of information that you may not have considered is as important.

Company Contact List – Every company has one and when they get updated, they are usually treated like harmless information and thrown away with the rest of the trash.  A list like that is a gold mine for a savvy criminal.  From that list, he/she can begin to target someone for identity theft or even blackmail.

Make sure all contact lists and like information are shredded by your on-site shredding service in Georgia.  Otherwise, you could expose your employees to potential harassment, identity theft or worse.

Date Posted: June 13, 2011

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