Back To Basics – What to Consider Picking a Mobile Document Shredding Service in Georgia

mobile document shredding service GeorgiaChances are, your business is like most others and you produce a modest amount of confidential or sensitive paperwork that from time to time needs to be destroyed by a mobile document shredding service in Georgia. Maybe you’re a healthcare provider, legal office or financial office and you produce a great deal of sensitive paperwork.  Either way, engaging a mobile document shredding service to handle your data management needs can be frustrating, confusing and time-consuming.

But it doesn’t need to be!

Here are some basic things to consider when choosing a mobile document shredding service in Georgia.

First, you need to decide how often you will require this service.  Is it a weekly requirement?  Bi-weekly?  Maybe you have a less frequent need and only think you’ll need a shredding service every month.  Whatever it is examine your paper flow and how much sensitive paperwork you produce that will require shredding.  Additionally, however, ask if the company has call-in service so that you can schedule additional pickups if required.  As we all know, occasionally our paper destruction needs increase (like when you’re cleaning out the old storage room from the 1980s) and when that happens, you need to know you can rely on a reputable mobile shredding service in GA to handle the extra lift.

Next, ask what procedures the mobile document shredding service in Georgia uses.  Are they prescribed by one of the national organizations which sets these standards?  Ensure they are using the latest techniques and methods available.  In addition, make sure the company you hire has a thorough vetting process for hiring new employees and that once hired, their behavior is continually monitored.  Any security expert will tell you that the greatest vulnerability to any security program is at the human level.  Ensure the mobile document shredding service in GA that you choose is mitigating those risks as much as possible.

Lastly, find out whether or not the mobile document shredding service in Georgia you want to hire is fully insured or bonded.  This is a must have to protect your business.  Ultimately, finding the right company isn’t hard.  River Mill Data Management can handle all of your document destruction requirements.  Check us out and contact a customer service representative today to find out how we can best meet your mobile document destruction needs.

Date Posted: June 25, 2011

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