Does My Small Business Need Mobile Document Shredding Services in Georgia?

mobile document shredding services in GeorgiaWhen examining the question “Does my small business need mobile document shredding services in Georgia?” you need to ask yourself three things:

– Does my business handle personal customer information, such as names and addresses, medical histories, dates of birth or drivers license numbers?

– Does my business maintain records on employees including names, social security numbers, etc…?

– Does my business maintain financial, legal or planning documents of any sort?

Chances are, you answered yes to at least one of those questions, and that is why mobile document shredding services in Georgia are a must have.  Let’s take a closer look at some common types of small businesses and the information they handle.

Medical Offices –

This type of business is well known to handle lots of sensitive personal information and as such, can be a common target for identity thieves and other criminals.  Medical offices of all types are in great need of mobile document shredding services in Georgia.  Personal medical information, sensitive personal information, such as name, address and date of birth are all important pieces of information that need to be protected.

Legal Profession Offices –

Any business that handles information dealing with the legal profession handles lots of sensitive information due to the nature of their business.   Not only is there personal information, but also documents pertaining to legal proceedings could hold privileged information or important details of a case that are not meant for public consumption.  Ensuring you have a reputable mobile document shredding service in Georgia to handles these types of information will keep your business protected.

Other Types of Small Businesses –

Often, people of own small businesses such as hardware stores, convenience stores or auto repair shops believe they have little need for mobile document shredding services in Georgia.  The fact is that they, too, are vulnerable to exploitation by criminals and they need to protect their sensitive information.  All small businesses, regardless of type, handle financial records and personnel records for employees.  These need to be protected.  Business plans, purchase orders or delivery orders can also give competitors an unfair advantage over you and that information should be protected as well.

If you still doubt the need for mobile document shredding services in Georgia, try this experiment.  Before you empty the office trash cans one day, go through all the bins and pull out any paper documents.  Hopefully, they won’t have any food on them from yesterday’s lunch!  Lay the papers out and then look through them from the eyes of a criminal looking to take advantage of someone or through the eyes of an unscrupulous competitor.  Mostly likely, there will be something of value there.  Make sure you protect it!

Date Posted: June 11, 2011

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