Some Things to Look For When Contracting Mobile Document Shredding Services in Georgia

mobile document shredding service in GeorgiaWhen your company makes the decision that it is well worth the cost to hire a professional mobile document shredding service in Georgia, you may quickly find that there are many choices available.  What are some things to look for when contracting for these vital information security services.

Do they have mobile shredding services available?

This goes without saying, but when you look for a document shredding service in Georgia, make sure they offer mobile document shredding, also known as on-site document shredding.  With this service, the shredding company brings a mobile shredding truck to your company or organization’s location.  You can have on-site verification that all documents were shredded appropriately, ensure nothing is lost en route to a central shredding facility, and you can have the fastest turn-around with your required shredding.

What Are Their Hiring Practices?

Not all mobile document shredding services in Georgia hire their personnel in the same way.  Make sure the company you hire does a complete background check and has a thorough screening process.  These employees will have access to some of your most sensitive information that could cause great harm to your customers, your company or both.  Ensure that the company you hire has top notch employees that care about your security as much as you do.

Are they Keeping up With the Latest Technology?

All us can remember the early shredding machines that used to shred documents into nice long strips.  It didn’t take criminals very long to figure out that they could simply re-assemble the strips of paper and have access to the information that was allegedly destroyed.  Later diamond cut and cross cut machines became available and although document re-construction was still possible, it became more difficult.  There are now ways to shred documents to make it nearly impossible to reconstruct them.  Ensure that the mobile document shredding service in Georgia that you contract is attending the latest tradeshows and conferences and is a member of the relevant professional associations that will help ensure you are getting the most up-to-date technology and methods.

Don’t Forget Customer Service…

There are dozens of mobile document shredding services in Georgia.  Make sure the one you decide to work with has stellar customer service and is willing to service all of your document protection needs.



Date Posted: June 4, 2011

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