Mobile Document Shredding Services in Georgia – Physical and Digital Security Versus Document Security

mobile document shredding service GeorgiaIn recent months hundreds of news articles and reports have focused on cyber security and rightly so, as that threat is growing, but companies should not forget that finding a good mobile document shredding service in Georgia is an essential piece of a comprehensive security program.  There’s no question that cyber security poses huge threats to businesses today.  The same technology that has provided tremendous leaps in productivity has also enabled criminals to infiltrate businesses networks from thousands of miles away.  Still, companies cannot forget the vulnerabilities presented in their document waste.  Financial records, legal documents, personnel files with sensitive information – all of these types of documents and paper waste must be destroyed properly.  A reputable mobile document shredding service in Georgia has the training and skills necessary to handle this essential task.

Ideally, you should look at your company’s security in a comprehensive way.  That means looking at the physical, cyber and document security. On the physical security front, you need to evaluate your office areas and make sure that it has all the appropriate locks and physical protections necessary.  You must decide if you need special fencing or have areas that require additional locks, etc.  You must then look at your digital footprint and ensure you have all of the appropriate protections in cyberspace.  This is a complicated task, but there are plenty of services available that can help you manage that type of protection.  The final piece of your security program, however, must be document security.  These concerns can be handled by a reputable document management company, such as River Mill Data Management.  They can provide you and your business with secure document storage services and mobile document shredding services in GA.  They can ensure that none of your sensitive materials fall into the wrong hands.  All of you important documents will be completely disposed of and destroyed in accordance with the latest industry standards and practices.

There are additional elements to a comprehensive security program, such as a continuing employee evaluation program, but you can focus on that once you have established a good foundation for your basic security program.  Make sure you have a solid physical and cyber security program, but do not forget  that hiring a reputable mobile document shredding service in Georgia is an essential part of any company’s security program.

Date Posted: July 9, 2011

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