On-Site Shredding Services in Georgia and Off-Site Records Storage

As we discussed last week, on-site shredding services in Georgia frequently offer other data management services.  One of the things you need to ensure your company is doing is looking at your data management needs comprehensively.  Don’t just contract for your on-site shredding services and suddenly think all your data are now secure.  In this post, let’s take a look at one of the other major data management services offered by on-site shredding services in GA – off-site records storage.

On-Site Shredding Services Georgia

Off-site records storage is another essential piece of data management

Using your valuable office space for records storage is often be a waste of money.  There may be thousands of documents you still need for tax purposes or legal purposes, but which you will almost never have to call upon frequently for reference.  It makes no sense to tie up your storage spaces or office with cabinets full of old, archived documents.  Fortunately, many on-site shredding services in Georgia also offer off-site records storage.  At a minimal cost per box, they will store your old records and make them quickly available to you should you ever require them.  Often, on-site shredding services in Georgia can customize your off-site records storage service specifically for your business.  You may require more frequent access to your stored records or perhaps you will require file level itemization.  On-site shredding services in Georgia can often provide this for you.

Additionally, depending on your own office or storage locations, off-site records storage may provide a more secure means of storing your important records.  Many companies that offer off-site records storage in Georgia have first rate security systems and procedures in place as well as all necessary sprinkler and fire suppression equipment.  Placing your important documents in off-site records storage in Georgia can help ensure your data remain safe and secure.

Later this week, we’ll talk about more services offered by on-site shredding services in Georgia, such as document scanning and imaging.

Date Posted: August 10, 2011

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