How Does Scheduled Shredding Benefit
Your Business?

With identity theft on the rise, it’s critical that your sensitive business documents are securely shredded at the end of their useful life. But how those documents are destroyed is really important. Here, we highlight several ways scheduled shredding benefits your business.

Employee Productivity

Profitability and efficiency go hand-in-hand. Unfortunately, employee productivity is limited when your staff is required to spend time destroying documents. Scheduled shredding allows them uninterrupted focus on their core business activities. Secure collection containers are delivered to your office so your staff can dispose of documents and files in just a few seconds. Mobile shredding trucks—capable of destroying thousands of pounds of paper an hour—shred your documents in a fraction of the time it takes an office paper shredder to do the same job. As a result, your employees spend more time performing income-producing tasks.


When you leave shredding up to your employees, there’s always the risk that documents won’t be destroyed in a timely manner. Plus, there’s no record of the destruction. Scheduled shredding offers a level of accountability that isn’t achieved with in-house document destruction. You always know when sensitive information is destroyed and have proof of the destruction process with a Certificate of Destruction.

Fraud prevention

Think about the daily flow of confidential documents, memos, client records and invoices that might wind up in your dumpster. Scheduled shredding eliminates negligent document disposal practices. Collection containers are placed in high traffic office areas to facilitate regular, secure disposal of paperwork. On a daily, weekly or monthly schedule, the contents of the containers are collected by a screened technician for NAID AAA Certified onsite mobile shredding.


Besides protecting your clients and employees from identity theft, scheduled shredding helps your company avoid stiff non-compliance fines and penalties. Documents identified with a final disposition date are destroyed routinely with a mobile shredding truck onsite at your office while you watch. The Certificate of Destruction issued by your shredding partner provides you with the written documentation you need to prove compliance with state and federal privacy laws.

Environmental Sustainability

You’re committed to protecting and supporting your community. Scheduled shredding reduces paper waste and keeps your local environment clean and healthy. Each time your documents are destroyed, they are baled and sent to a recycling facility. There, your shredded documents are reused to produce a wide variety of consumer and business paper products.

Cost savings

In-house shredding costs add up; there’s the purchase and ongoing maintenance of office shredders, increased energy expenses, and employee labor. Scheduled shredding offers a more efficient and economical solution for destroying confidential paperwork. From collection of your documents, to post-destruction recycling, the entire disposal process is handled for you at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself.

From productivity and accountability, to compliance, environmental sustainability and cost savings, there are many ways that scheduled shredding benefits your business.

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Date Posted: April 3, 2017

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