Benefits of Mobile Shredding for Businesses

With identity fraud and sensitive data consistently being compromised, businesses must be proactive in protecting their data. With so much paper to secure, commercial shredding services can get costly. The value and convenience of office shredding services helps circumvent the collection of sensitive documents that can be compromised. Mobile shredding services help alleviate the need for transporting documents to another location while handling on-site document destruction. Having an option where businesses can monitor the destruction of their documents makes things easier while retaining confidentiality and security protocols. These types of business shredding services help protect the integrity of the company while providing a valuable service. It’s an affordable solution to an everyday problem.


Secure Shredding Services

Many people wonder how effective secure shredding services are. Truthfully, shredding paper is the most secure and sustainable way to get rid of sensitive documents and paperwork. While there are a variety of shredders on the market, commercial shredding services use specific shredders to ensure a higher level of security when disposing confidential and sensitive documents. This level of security usually requires a cross-cut shredder, which uses two contra-rotating drums to cut paper. Businesses should utilize professional shredding services because documents can be retrieved and reconstructed with a standard office shredder. With professional shredding companies, the industry usually guides the level of security needed for shredding. On-site shredding services are specialized. The truck is outfitted with an industrial paper shredder that parks on the premises of the office. The truck is locked and secured but there is a monitor outside the truck where an employee can verfy the documents have been properly shredded and disposed of. For companies that need regular shredding services, most companies have a standing day where the truck comes to shred the documents.


Mobile Shredding Saves Time and Money

Mobile shredding is effective and affordable, especially for companies who have high volumes of sensitive paperwork. Having a shredding company come to you provides the option of being able to see the documents getting shredded. This adds an additional layer of security. Companies who send their documents out or those who transport their documents to a shredding company often run the risk of having their data unknowingly compromised. Commercial shredding companies have heavy-duty shredders that shred heavy loads at one time. This cuts down on the time needed to dispose of the documents while providing a cost-effective and time-sensitive option.

Once the shredding has taken place, the company should provide a Certificate of Destruction confirming the material has been destroyed. This document records the volume of documents shredded, the date, name of the company and transportation method. This is valuable information for auditing purposes.

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Date Posted: August 18, 2020

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