Benefits of Mobile Shredding

Shredding documents you don’t need anymore is important. It can reduce clutter, and lower your risk of identity theft, too. But what if you don’t have a shredder? Well, you’re in luck! There are mobile shredding companies that can help you with that problem. A truck can come to your home and take care of any documents you need to get rid of. Mobile shredding is easy, convenient, and can help you get things done without ever leaving your house. Just take a look at all the benefits you’ll receive, to decide if mobile shredding is the right choice for you.

Why Choose Mobile Shredding?

When it comes to mobile shredding residential applications probably aren’t what you typically think of. Most people think of huge trucks that can shred thousands of documents, and that are used by businesses. You might have also seen these large trucks in parking lots and other locations at shredding events in certain communities. Those are common ways to get access to mobile shredding, but residential usage has a lot of great benefits. These include:

  • Peace of mind for your personal information
  • No expense to buy a paper shredder
  • Knowing the paper from your documents gets recycled
  • A one-time service to get all your shredding done

Choosing mobile shredding can be the right option for your home or business. So, how much does mobile shredding cost? Is it affordable? The cost of mobile shredding will depend on where you’re located, how often you need the truck to come out, and other factors. But yes, mobile shredding is generally very affordable. If you’re a business customer needing frequent shredding services or a residential customer with a one-time need, there are plans and prices that will work for you.

Secure Onsite Shredding

Among the biggest reasons to choose this type of service is the convenience of secure onsite shredding. By coming to your location, you don’t have to worry about packing up your documents and taking them somewhere else to be destroyed. Instead, you can simply bring them right outside to the truck and get the shredded then and there.

Especially for business customers that might have a large volume of documents, taking them to a shredding facility could be difficult. But working with mobile shredding companies means the amount of paper that needs to be shredded doesn’t matter. From a few items to entire warehouses full, you have secure onsite shredding options.

Contact River Mill Data Management

When you’re ready to have mobile shredding residential or commercial help, contact River Mill Data Management. We can make sure you get your documents shredded properly, and we’ll charge you fairly to come to your site with our mobile shredding services. We offer secure onsite shredding on a set schedule, and can also help you with a purge or clean-out that’s a one-time event. We serve both residential and commercial customers, and can handle any job — big or small.

We also offer film media and computer media shredding, along with product destruction. That can help you take care of more than one item on your list, without ever leaving your home or business location. Reach out to us today. Ask us how much does mobile shredding cost, and how we can meet your shredding needs. We’ll be happy to work with you and discuss the services we can offer.

Date Posted: January 7, 2021

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