Benefits of Off-site Document Storage

Keeping documents in your office could lead to stolen information, loss of a file, and other issues. If you lose a file that you need, you stall work on that case until you find the file. Document storage is only as good as those who manage the file room. Off-site document storage sites index and barcode your files so you can always find them. We use advanced software to allow you to look at your inventory online. Additionally, you can request file pickup, delivery and retrieval, inventory reporting and the final disposition of the documents.

A major benefit of off-site document storage is that if your office gets broken into or if you have an employee that goes rogue, your documents are safe because they are off-site. Additional benefits include keeping your documents in a climate-controlled environment and keeping them in a place with superb fire protection. Access to your documents is monitored and controlled.

Save Time and Money with Document Storage

Are you tired of paying an employee good money to go hunting down a file? When you have off-site storage with a records management program and document scanning, files are at your fingertips. Combine your paper files and digital files and keep both of them safe from prying eyes.

When you use off-site document storage, you reduce your storage space and enhance the security of your files. Additionally, retrieval is easier since the documents are indexed within each file, and the file is then indexed. We create document reports so you know exactly where your file is and what is in each file. With our document storage service, more than one employee is able to look at the file at the same time, thus increasing productivity.

Easy Access to All Your Records

Document management via digital record keeping also lets you know when it’s time to shred documents you are no longer required to keep. You get easy access to the documents when you need them, and when their retention time has expired, you can simply use the software to let us know which documents need to head to the shredder. Additional benefits of off-site document storage include:

You only need the digital space to store your documents, thus you can use the space the files would take up for other storage or even another office space.

Your documents are converted to PDF or TIFF documents, which means that you can find and attach them to correspondence or pleadings when you need them. You don’t have to make copies unless you need to print out a document for a physical attachment.

Files are easily backed up so that you significantly decrease the risk of losing information.

You won’t have to make several copies if more than one person needs a copy of a document. For example, if you have seven people in a meeting, and they all have to look at the same file, they can bring up the file on their computers instead of making seven copies.

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Date Posted: May 22, 2020

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