The Benefits of One-Time Shredding

Almost every business has old documents and files that are kept longer than necessary. The reasons for information hoarding are unlimited but not necessarily logical. There are just as many justifications for why and when outdated and expired records should be destroyed. Here are several ways one-time shredding—to rid yourself of those unneeded documents—benefits your business.

Retention Compliance

When records reach the end of their mandated retention period they should be destroyed. Otherwise, your business could potentially face stiff legal penalties and monetary fines. One-time shredding offers your business the benefit of a retention compliance solution. Any document and file with a final disposition date is securely destroyed with a mobile shredding truck onsite at your office while you watch. You are given a Certificate of Destruction as proof of your organization’s legal compliance.

Privacy Protection

Your business handles and stores a variety of sensitive information that, if stolen, can lead to identity theft and consumer fraud. This information may include:

  • Financial statements
  • Account records and ledgers
  • Personnel files
  • Client and patient records
  • Tax documents

One-time shredding gives you a trusted and reliable solution for destroying confidential documents. You never have to worry about your personal and business information being accessed from the trash. Secure collection containers are delivered to your office at no charge. The containers are locked and can only be opened by authorized personnel, eliminating the chance of your sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. They stay in your office, are collected by a screened shredding technician and when full, go straight to the shredder for confidential destruction. One-time shredding gives you peace of mind knowing that your information is properly destroyed and will never be compromised.


Besides protecting your privacy, one-time shredding saves you money by eliminating expensive in-house shredding processes. The cost of a one-time shredding service can range from ten to forty cents per pound. Considering your employees’ wages and office shredder machine cost, upkeep and depreciation, shredding documents yourself costs four to five times as much.

Clutter Reduction

Few businesses have unlimited office space. As new documents are created, they must be stored somewhere. It isn’t economical or practical to lease additional storage space when you can eliminate office clutter by simply destroying documents that are no longer needed. One-time shredding allows you to get rid of old, outdated and obsolete records so room can be made for new documents that support your daily workflow requirements.

Environmental Sustainability

More than ever, it’s important to carry out business practices that support a healthy environment. One-time shredding provides your business with a trusted paper recycling solution. After your documents are destroyed, they are baled and sent to a recycling facility. There, your shredded documents are reused to produce a wide variety of consumer and business paper products.

Whether you do it once a year or every quarter, one-time shredding offers a host of benefits for your business.

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Date Posted: December 23, 2016

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