Beware of These Information Management Nightmares!

Not having a handle on your business information is scary stuff—it damages your bottom line, stifles productivity, and can ruin customers’ confidence in your organization. As 2017 approaches, beware of these information management nightmares.

Missing Documents

Losing an important file is a nightmare, especially when it stalls your workflow. Unfortunately, searching for missing information is often the rule rather than the exception in a busy office. Most organizations simply do not have the systems and resources to manage files properly in-house.

When you store your documents in a records center, you never have to worry about files being misplaced, only to never be found again. Your information is indexed, barcoded and managed within an advanced software application. At any time, you can view your inventory online and initiate requests for:

  • File pickup, retrieval and delivery
  • Customized inventory reporting
  • Final disposition of documents

Professional file systems and controls ensure you have seamless access to your files all the time.

Privacy Breaches

Stolen documents and data can cause a ripple effect of financial and legal consequences for your business. That’s why it is important to have a secure information disposal solution. Partner with a NAID AAA Certified shredding and destruction partner to make sure your sensitive paper and non-paper information is disposed securely and in compliance with privacy protection laws. Your documents are destroyed onsite, at your facility with an unbroken chain of custody.

Data Loss

Sudden data loss can permanently paralyze your business. Data protection begins with regular data backup and continues with a media rotation and vaulting strategy. With a tape rotation service, your most recent backup media is picked up from your office and transported to a secure, fireproof, climate-controlled vault. Your backups are protected with the following technology:

  • Heat resistant panels
  • Self-contained climate-controls with monitoring
  • Class 125, 4-hour rated fire protection
  • Waterless fire suppression
  • Controlled and monitored access

Each tape is barcoded and scanned for real-time tracking. If your business loses data unexpectedly, the correct media is retrieved and delivered to your office or hot site so you can begin the recovery process immediately.

Use the strategies we’ve mentioned here to prevent these information management nightmares from becoming a reality!

River Mill Data Management provides information management and medical waste disposal services to businesses in West, Central and South Georgia, as well as select counties in eastern Alabama. Through its sister company, Med Away Disposal Services, medical waste collection services are offered to River Mill Data Management’s entire area plus Southeast Alabama. For more information, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

Date Posted: November 30, 2016

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