Compliance with New HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule for Business Associates

Do you know how the HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule is going to affect you, as a Business Associate? This blog will give you some helpful advice for managing your business relationships with companies that generate Personal Health Information (PHI)

“The first step that organizations face in complying is to understand which of their vendors maintain or transmit PHI. …taking inventory of information assets and creating a map of how the protected information (comes), is stored, replicated, transferred and disposed of. You can’t protect information if you do not know where it is or can be. The contracts for vendors working with the PHI should be prioritized so that BAAs are established or updated to meet the new requirements.”

HealthIT Security

Resources for HealthIT Security

Companies generating PHI would place a lot of value in their relationship with their Business Associate if the BA took initiative in meeting these new requirements for information security. Business associates are encouraged to be PROACTIVE to better serve their clients and avoid the work piling up on them when they have other priorities to manage. This blog will simplify Compliance with New HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule for Business Associates.

Date Posted: October 25, 2013

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