Corporate Competition and Mobile Document Shredding Services in Georgia

mobile document shredding service GeorgiaThis is the final installment in a series of three articles about how mobile document shredding services in Georgia can help you deal with three human factors: human error, a disgruntled employee and the unscrupulous competitor.  We’ve discussed how human error can affect even the best of employees, but that if you have a 100% shredding policy for document waste with your mobile document shredding service in GA, then potentially disastrous accidents can be avoided.  We’ve looked at the case of a disgruntled employee and how a shredding company can help mitigate that risk as well.  Now we turn our attention to business competitors and how using a mobile document shredding service in Georgia can keep your business safe.

Corporate espionage has been discussed for decades now and there are dozens of books and lots of Hollywood movies detailing stories of corporate spies with near James Bond skill sets who are sent to steal valuable information about a new product from an unwitting and honest company.  As is often the case with the movies, this type of corporate activity is most likely not the one that threatens your business on a daily basis.  A reputable mobile shredding service in Georgia will explain to you that your un-shredded document waste is a gold mine, not only for individuals bent on committing types of identity theft or fraud, but also for competitors who are willing to do whatever they have to so that they can beat you in the marketplace.  They don’t need to embed a double agent in your office when all they have to do is swing by your place of business after hours and steal your trash containing sensitive corporate documents.

We’ve discussed in several posts what needs to be shredded, and many people agree that customers’ or employees’ personal information should be shredded by the mobile document shredding service in GA as soon as it is no longer needed.  What about the interoffice memo discussing when your next sale dates will be?  What about product mock ups on paper?  What about lists of suppliers or copies of the contracts you have with certain clients?  The list goes on and on and there is no question that some of the information your employees innocently throw in the trash may cost your business a great deal if it ends up in the hands of your competition.

Don’t take that risk and make sure to work with a mobile document shredding service in Georgia that can help you set up a comprehensive shredding program for your business.  Train your employees to shred ANYTHING that may negatively impact your business operations.  Your mobile document shredding service in Georgia will help you with this task, but ultimately it’s you and your employees that shoulder the burden of making sure your sensitive document waste is separated to be shredded.

Date Posted: July 24, 2011

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