Declutter Your Home or Office with Mobile Shredding Services

Do you have a home office where you need to get rid of sensitive documents that keep piling up? What about the amount of mail and personal information that keeps collecting that you need to get rid of? While you often hear about shredding services available for commercial businesses, there are mobile shredding services residential owners can use to ensure their documents remain confidential. This adds a higher level of security while increasing the convenience, productivity and efficiency of the owner. Being able to acquire onsite shredding services saves time and money.


On-site Shredding Services

Mobile shredding trucks are available to come to residential properties to perform onsite shredding, giving the owner time to do what they need to without having to worry about transporting sensitive information. On-demand shredding services are cost-effective, add convenience and alleviates the need for extra storage options. By using mobile shredding companies, business owners or residents who have large volumes of documents can maintain privacy and forego having to rent additional space. Here are a few benefits of onsite shredding: • Immediate destruction Information is destroyed within minutes • Visibility The shredding process can be viewed in real time for peace of mind and verification. • Single-step procedure The documents are immediately taken from the client and shredded on the spot.


Document Scanning and Storage

Technology has made it easy to work from residential locations. This usually means there is less space to conduct business. One of the best ways to handle large quantities of information is by having a paperless office. This helps with accessibility and the storing of documents. They are also able to be encrypted, increasing security levels. Overall, this saves time, space and money. Document scanning and storage is one of the ways to reduce paperwork, create online portals for working with clients and other colleagues, and maximizing the space available for working. This increases efficiency and productivity while lessening the need to have boxes of documents hanging around. From a safety standpoint, this is a safe option, and allows information to be stored on a server which can be accessed from anywhere.


Contact River Mill Data Management (CTA)

The River Mill Data Management team provides safe, secure and reliable mobile shredding services for businesses in Georgia and Alabama. AAA-certified by the National Association for Information and Destruction (NAID) for on-site destruction of paper, printed media and hard drives. Using some of the best technology and equipment on the market, the team at River Mill takes pride in providing quality and dependable service at an effective price. For more information on residential onsite shredding services, contact a member of the team today!


Date Posted: September 10, 2020

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