Document Scanning in Georgia – The Benefits of a Paperless Business

Document scanning in Georgia and around the country has become an increasing trend in today’s businesses as more and more of them decide to go paperless.  Document scanning in GA can provide savings in physical space, because you have less need for storage areas for old documents and materials.  It can also help with greater accessibility to your information, providing access to your information for your employees from anywhere with an internet connection, and document scanning in Georgia can also allow for faster research and faster recall of data.  Gone are the days when it would take 30 – 60 minutes to track down a file.  With document scanning and a paperless office, research by keyword or tag can take seconds.

Document Scanning in Georgia and the Legal Profession…

Although many industries can benefit by going paperless, today we’ll take a look at the specific benefits that law firms can see right away from using document scanning in Georgia. During litigation, massive amounts of paperwork are produced.  Frequently, the answers to other party’s court filings include the exact same exhibits that were previously attached.  Additionally, all the letters that are produced for a particular case have copies placed into the case file for reference. All of this paperwork, much of it redundant, takes up valuable office space.  It also requires a robust filing system that takes a tremendous amount of man hours to maintain.  Additionally, besides the open cases, closed cases must also be retained for a period of years (differs by state).  By using document scanning in GA and turning these documents into a digital format, the need to retain physical copies is debatable.

document scanning Georgia

Document scanning in Georgia can help your small business go paperless.

Lawyers who work in firms that have started using document scanning in Georgia report that one of the biggest benefits of the service is accessibility.  Attorneys can be anywhere – in court, in a deposition or even half way around the world and they can have access to the same files they would in the office. Remote printing, quick scanning of a document by keyword or emailing of documents gives attorneys and their litigation support team the ability to work faster and work smarter.


Date Posted: September 4, 2011

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