Help Prevent Identity Theft With Mobile Shredding Services in Columbus

Mobile shredding services in Columbus are one of the best ways to help prevent identity theft from affecting your business.  In 2005, the last year for which the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has gathered comprehensive data, 8.3 million Americans were subject to some type of identity theft. Since then, it appears the problem has only gotten worse.  Businesses are a great target for identity thieves as they tend to dispose of a rich mixture of sensitive personal data.  Companies dispose of employees’ information and customers’ information, and if they don’t take steps to protect that data, such as working with a mobile shredding service in Columbus, then they make themselves extremely vulnerable to identity theft and could potentially be held liable for the effects of the crime, depending on the circumstances.

mobile shredding services Columbus
Mobile shredding services in Columbus are a great way to prevent identity theft.

Mobile shredding services in Columbus offer several tools that make it easy for your company or business to secure its sensitive information.  They can do scheduled, on-site pickups of your important documents and can shred them right there in front of one of your representatives so that you have complete verification your materials were disposed of completely.  They can also help you clean out your records and files if you are doing a document “purge” and can help you identify what you need to shred and what should be kept.

As a side note, the NY Times Bucks Blog just ran a story about a new website devoted to identity theft, which is started by the Consumer Federation of America.  You can check out the new site at  It looks to be another great resource for information on identity theft and we’ll be keeping an eye to see if they bring any new resources or ideas to the table.

If you aren’t currently working with a mobile shredding service in Columbus, take the time to find a reputable provider and start protecting your sensitive data today.  If you don’t, the risks simply become too great.

Date Posted: October 5, 2011

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