What to Look for in a Compliance Training Program Supplied by a Medical Waste Company

If you work in healthcare, you know OSHA requires that measures are taken so you and your fellow employees stay safe. But keeping everyone on the same page with these regulations is challenging, and you know your team needs training. When choosing a medical waste company, consider their compliance training program. Here are several things to keep in mind:


Compliance is no small feat; it comprises many areas, including:

  • OSHA, HIPAA, HazCom training
  • Handling and disposal of blood-borne pathogens
  • Safety plan construction
  • State DOT regulations
  • Emergency communications
  • Medical Coding Standards
  • And More! 

Ease and Affordability

On-site compliance training is expensive. You have to pay someone to come to your facility for all of your training needs. Fortunately, you can give your staff the information they need at a fraction of the cost with online training supplied by a medical waste company. The training process is fully automated and the following material can be stored online for easy, centralized access:

  • OSHA guides, forms and posters
  • Material safety data sheets
  • Audit preparation materials 

Look for a medical waste company that offers a program that can separate training into seven or eight different sections. Each contains a three- to video about each component of the compliance training section. Participants watch the video and then answer questions about that section. All questions must be answered correctly. Individuals are prompted to watch the video again if they get any of the answers wrong. 

Online Flexibility and Convenience

In addition to the expense of on-site compliance training, it’s nearly impossible to gather all your employees at a single time and place. Online compliance training supplied by your medical waste company is much more flexible and convenient. At their leisure, administrators can assign individuals desired online training modules to keep everyone safe and knowledgeable. Since participants have 60 days to complete the assigned courses, they can log on to review course material and answer the required questions any time, at their own pace, and from any computer.

As an administrator you can track who has been trained, training courses taken, and when more training is due. Upon successful completion, each on-line participant receives a printable certificate. With the right medical waste company, compliance training is convenient, thorough and affordable.

River Mill Data Management provides medical waste disposal and compliance training services to businesses in central and South Georgia, as well as select counties in eastern Alabama through its sister company, Med Away Disposal Services, which also services southeast Alabama. For more information, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

Date Posted: March 8, 2017

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