Mobile Document Shredding Service in GA & Hard Drive Destruction

Are you looking at your data management program comprehensively?  Hopefully, by now, you’ve contracted with a reputable mobile document shredding service in Georgia and you’re shredding program for your company is helping keep your sensitive document waste out of the wrong hands.  Mobile document shredding services, however, are only one piece of a comprehensive data management program.  Frequently, mobile shredding services, will also offer other data management services.  So, take the time to look at your overall program and ensure all your company’s data is being protected.  Here are just a few of the many services your company may need:

mobile document shredding services Georgia

Hard drive destruction is a critical component of your data management program

Computer Hard Drive Destruction… After you began working closely with your mobile document shredding service in GA, hopefully, you started to see a decrease in the clutter around your office and storage spaces, as old documents were disposed of and destroyed.  Of course, as your clutter disappears, you may begin to notice other items long ago buried, such as your stack of Dell computers from 1996 that were sent to pasture at the end of the last decade.  Unfortunately, old computers are not simply items you should ever toss in the trash.  Those old hard drives could contain millions of pieces of information that could be a treasure trove to identity thieves or competitors eager to learn the inner workings of your business.  Luckily, many mobile document shredding services in Georgia offer hard drive destruction services as well.  They will ensure your electronic storage devices are destroyed completely and fully, rendering all data stored unusable.

Hard Drives Are Not Just in Computers… An important thing to remember is that hard drives don’t just exist in computers anymore.  Frequently, new copiers have large hard drives for storing information.  If your business is getting ready to dispose of your copy machine, make sure you check to see if it has a hard drive, and if so, that you remove it and have it destroyed properly.  Your mobile document shredding service in Georgia can give you more advice on this or contact your copy machine’s manufacturer.  Whatever you do, don’t simply send it to the dump.  It’s one of the items criminals look out for.

Next week, we’ll take a look at other services offered by mobile document shredding services in GA, such as off-site records storage and document scanning and imaging.

Date Posted: August 5, 2011

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