Mobile Shredding: How Does It Work?

A mobile paper shredding truck can actually come out to your home or company for mobile paper shredding. Shredding trucks are equipped with a powerful shredding assembly and feature a full vision system, lift systems, hard drive shredders, remote curbside control and a galvanized deck. Home and business shredding service can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. And with River Mill Data Management mobile shredding, we’ll even give you a certificate of destruction after all documents are shredded. The bales are then sent to a recycling facility, where they are made into other paper products. This way, there’s no waste.

Shredding Trucks

Mobile shredding trucks get the job done. It’s the ideal way to get rid of sensitive papers efficiently and quickly. And if you want to witness the process from start to finish, you can. This way, you can feel confident that your personal files, corporate documents or other sensitive papers were shredded 100 percent before leaving your property. Keep in mind that if you have cash negotiableslike stock certificates or blank checks, the shredding process should be witnessed by a company manager to avoid misuse or fraud. Just fill the bins with the papers, and you’re good to go.

Home and Business Shredding Services

Protecting your private information is critical in today’s world. On site shredding is the perfect solution. You can schedule for home shredding service or business shredding service. Every home collects bills, receipts, old tax documents and other personal information that you may want to have shredded. Instead of having boxes and closets filled with this type of personal information, a mobile paper shredding service is a convenient, secure and affordable to dispose of them.

Every company collects and maintains private information on their clients and employees. Other businesses may have legal documents, patents and financial records. It’s important that these documents are protected at all times and properly destroyed before thrown out. From competitors to identity thieves, there’s a chance that someone may steal private information from your business. You need a comprehensive document destruction plan. And a business shredding service needs to be part of that plan.

Contact River Mill Data Management (CTA)

If you need on site shredding at your home or business, turn to the shredding experts at River Mill Data Management. ” We will help you find a solution for the proper disposal of all of your private and sensitive information.” We offer:

  • Product Destruction
  • On-site Paper Shredding Services
  • Film Media Shredding
  • Hard Drive Destruction
  • Computer Media Shredding
  • One-Time Clean-Out
  • Regular Service

We shred more than just paper. We shred computer hard drives with over 10,000 pounds of pressure.  It’s important to note that degaussing hard drives is ineffective. While digital storage is convenient, it puts sensitive information right in the hands of identity thieves. We totally shred floppy discs, x-ray film, CD’s, cassette tapes and computer backup tapes. Plus, River Mill Data Management is AAA-Certified by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID).



Date Posted: September 16, 2020

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