On-Site Shredding Services in Columbus – Training Your Employees Cont.

As we’ve said before, on-site shredding services in Columbus are only as good as the training for the employees who utilize it.  You can have the best shredding services company in the world with a great staff and the latest technology, but if you haven’t trained your employees properly in regards to your on-site shredding services in Columbus, the value of those services will be largely minimized.

on-site shredding services Columbus

Train your employees to know the best locations for your shredding bins

One of the training subjects you may want to cover with you employees is the proper placement of the shredding storage bins throughout your office.  When you contract with an on-site shredding services company in Columbus, they will often give you large, locked storage bins in which your employees can place material to be shredded.  The on-site shredding services company will come to your office, collect all the bins and shred all of your sensitive material on-site.  Most likely, the on-site shredding services company in Columbus will place the bins in the best location possible (high traffic areas, the copy room, the mail room, etc…), but over time, employees may from time to time try to rearrange where the bins are placed.  It is imperative that your staff understands that the placement of bins is of huge importance.  If they are in inconvenient locations, then they will be much less likely to be used.  It’s common sense, of course, but over time small details like that can be forgotten.

Good Tip: On a quarterly basis, review the location of your shredding bins with your on-site shredding services company in Columbus.

Date Posted: September 28, 2011

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