On-Site Shredding Services in Georgia and Corporate Espionage

Yesterday, we discussed on-site shredding services in Georgia and how important it is to destroy personally identifiable information (PII).  Today, we want to take a moment to discuss the threat of corporate espionage and how on-site shredding services in GA can help mitigate those types of risks.

on-site shredding services Georgia

Use on-site shredding services in Georgia to keep your information safe from competitors.

Usually, when you hear the term “corporate espionage,” you think of the corporate spy sent from an unscrupulous competitor or from a distant country eager to steal American corporate know-how.  The threat, however, is usually much more mundane and deals with basic trash disposal.  Take a walk around your office and rummage through various people’s waste baskets.  Hopefully, you won’t get too dirty, but see what you can dig up.  Chances are, you will find all sorts of pieces of information that will reveal sensitive parts of your business.  This is exactly the type of information on-site shredding services in Georgia helps you protect.  You may find sales figures on a recent product release or internal memos detailing a new sales strategy.  You may even find information from your accounting department detailing how much money you have in the bank or how much you owe.

With on-site shredding services in Georgia, you can ensure that these types of information stay out of the hands of your competitors and that your sensitive information stays safe.

Date Posted: December 12, 2011

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