On-Site Shredding Services in Georgia – How It Works

On-Site shredding services GeorgiaContracting with an on-site shredding service in Georgia is one of the best decisions you can make for your business.  Companies, by necessity, produce copious amounts of sensitive and confidential paperwork and material that should never be thrown in the regular trash.  Doing so could expose your employees or customers to potential identity theft or other types of fraud and could expose important financial, legal or proprietary parts of your business to an unscrupulous competitor.  In addition, if you happen to be in the medical profession, then you must comply with HIPAA regulations and having a reputable on-site shredding service in GA on your side is a must.

But how does it work…

Although professional on-site shredding services in Georgia can work in lots of different ways, generally, a business or organization would contract with a shredding service to come on a pre-arranged schedule, often weekly or bi-weekly.  The on-site shredding service in GA would place locked storage bins strategically throughout your office space, ensuring that all your employees who deal with sensitive materials have easy access to the bins.  On your scheduled day, the shredding service workers would go throughout your office, collect the bins and take them to their mobile shredding vehicle outside.  These trucks allow you or a representative to observe the entire shredding process, ensuring all of your materials were shredded completely and properly.

The on-site shredding service in GA will then replace all the bins throughout your office and the final step is to provide you with a completed certificate of destruction.  This is a legal document, proving that your sensitive materials were destroyed completely.

Most on-site shredding services in Georgia will also come to your place of business on an as needed basis in case your paper flow increases unexpectedly, but you need to work those details out with the specific service.  As we’ve mentioned before, getting a good shredding program in place takes some work, but is well worth the effort.

Date Posted: July 2, 2011

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