PII and Mobile Shredding Services in Georgia

We sometimes take it for granted that we know what to shred when using mobile shredding services in Georgia, but it’s worth taking the time every so often to review what you must make sure to destroy properly.


mobile shredding services Georgia

Mobile shredding services in Georgia are a great way to protect against identity theft and agressive competitors.

Personally Identifiable Information. Also known as PII, this is the type of information identity thieves thirst for and when using mobile shredding services in GA, PII is one of the types of information that must be kept safe and secure.  Simply put, PII is any type of information that can be tied to an individual.  Some examples of personally identifiable information would be name, address, telephone number, birth date, and of course, social security number.  Often, one or two of these pieces of information can’t do much harm, but if multiple pieces of PII are collected on an individual, the results can be devastating.  Identity thieves can steal individual’s identities and create havoc in someone’s life for years.  Luckily, if you use mobile shredding services in Georgia to shred all of your employees’ and customers’ personal information, they have a much smaller chance of becoming victims of identity theft.

There are other types of important information to make sure you shred when using mobile shredding services in Georgia, but we’ll cover them in tomorrow’s post.

Date Posted: December 11, 2011

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