Prepare For The New Tax Deadline With Mobile Shredding

The coronavirus has managed to throw a wrench into nearly all of our 2020 plans, including when and how we file for taxes. The IRS and the Treasury Department have extended the deadline to July 15 for taxes and even contemplated extending the timeline until September. This has not made anyone exempt from paying taxes, but it has given people the chance to get their bearings and (hopefully) catch their breath during the pandemic. Now that you have more time though, you may want to consider how you’re preparing for the new deadline on the horizon. Learn more about why you should take care of shredding tax documents and how it could save you some hassle down the road.

Secure Mobile Shredding

Tax season is a prime time for identity thieves to make their move. This year may be a particularly lucrative one for criminals, especially considering just how much chaos has been in the air as of late. Mobile shredding services can shred thousands of tax documents, ensuring that no one can get their hands on your information. With a normal paper shredder and just a few strips of paper, it’s not abnormal for a criminal to do a little jig-saw puzzle to unlock the secrets on those pages. In fact, they might be more likely to try this. Once they see the shredded papers, they’ll likely jump to the conclusion that it’s worth the extra effort for the potential rewards.

Home Shredding Services

Keeping documents you don’t need may seem like a fairly harmless thing to do, but you’re only adding to clutter in your home and risking the exposure of sensitive information if the paperwork happens to fall into the wrong hands. Shredding tax documents is easy when you have a reliable partner that you can count on. There’s no need to purchase a shredder of your own when you can do a one-time purge right around tax season. As documents mount, shredding becomes less and less practical anyway. A home shredder can only handle a few pages at a time, whereas secure shredding services can get rid of everything in one fell swoop. Don’t waste an entire afternoon stuffing strips of paper into garbage bags when you can call a professional for help.

Contact River Mill Data Management

Whether you have questions about which tax documents to shred or you’re just ready to clear the whole mess of files out of your home, contact RMDM today. Home shredding services have proven invaluable for the people in our community and stopped countless identity thefts in their tracks. From phony refunds to insurance fraud, the information from your tax returns can be a treasure chest of information if the wrong people come across it. Considering the expense of identity theft, it’s a lot more economical to take precautions than it is to deal with the repercussions. When you contact us for shredding, we arrange all of the details. You can be certain that the transportation of your documents will be safe and efficient. Your documents will also be mixed in with other documents to further ensure that there’s no way to put them back together.

Date Posted: February 6, 2020

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