Remember Your Copy Machines! Hard Drive Destruction in Columbus

Usually, when people think about hard drive destruction in Columbus, they focus on old computers with hard drives storing thousands of pieces of sensitive personal and company information.  That’s a great primary focus for hard drive destruction in Columbus, but it shouldn’t be your only focus.

hard drive destruction Columbus

Make sure you don’t forget your copy machines, digital scanners and PEDs when you use hard drive destruction in Columbus.

Many of the electronics we have in our offices today have hard drives or other types of media storage embedded in them.  Copy machines, digital scanners and fax machines often carry hard drives in them that need to be destroyed properly.  In addition, Portable Electronic Devices (PEDs) are also prime sources of personal information.  Think of how many names, addresses, phone numbers and even passwords are stored on your smartphones, tablets and iPads.  They would be a gold mine for identity thieves and as they need to be replaced, make sure you use hard drive destruction in Columbus.

Identity theft is a massive crime today and more and more people are struck with some type of stolen identity.  In its worst form it can have a serious financial and emotional impact on someone’s life.  How companies handle people’s personal information is a critical task and one that no company should take lightly.

With hard drive destruction in Columbus, you can be sure that your old digital information remains safe and secure.

Date Posted: January 6, 2012

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