Safeguard HIPAA Protected Material With Mobile Shredding Services in Georgia

Mobile shredding services in Georgia are a terrific way to protect any HIPAA protected records you may have to destroy.  In 1996 congress passed the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and it was signed into law that year.  It had numerous provisions, one of which was that it mandated healthcare providers handled personal medical records appropriately.  Not only were medical companies required to store personal records securely, but they are also required to destroy medical records properly.

mobile shredding services Georgia

With mobile shredding services in Georgia, you can keep all of your HIPAA protected records safe and secure.

Fortunately, mobile shredding services in GA can help you stay HIPAA compliant and ensure that all your old medical records are destroyed effectively and properly.  Mobile shredding services in Georgia will come to your storage area with a mobile shredding vehicle and shred all of your document waste on-site.  You can even have one of your employees witness the destruction process to have further assurance your documents were destroyed properly.

With all the state and federal regulations surrounding medical records, there’s no reason not to use mobile shredding services in GA to shred all of your old documents appropriately. Making sure individuals’ medical records stay safe and secure is a critical task for any medical provider or health insurance company.  With mobile shredding services in Georgia you can rest assured that you will stay within the law and keep your customers’ information safe.


Date Posted: January 21, 2012

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