Secure Your Data with Mobile Shredding Services

All businesses have confidential information they need to protect. Once you no longer need to keep a client’s files, you have to find a way to destroy them – as long as the client doesn’t want his or her file – and do it securely. A regular strip shredder is definitely not secure enough since a criminal can put the strips back together. And, if the strips are not narrow enough, big chunks of confidential information is readily visible.

Professional mobile shredders have a shredding machine that shreds documents into tiny little pieces, which helps to prevent identity theft. The shredded documents get baled and sent to a secure facility where the shredded documents are prepared to make other paper products. When you choose River Mill, you can choose one of several methods to get your documents to us, including mobile shredding where our truck comes to you, our pickup service or our drop-off service as part of your identity theft prevention.

Prevent Identity Theft with Mobile Shredding

You can prevent a lot of identity theft when you use mobile shredding to shred documents with any personal information on them, including something you might think is harmless, such as your address or your phone number. Sometimes identity thieves need that one piece of information to create a full profile to be able to use or sell your identity.

Because identity theft is such a large problem, it affects everyone: large and small businesses and individuals. When you shred documents that contain personal information, you significantly mitigate identity theft. River Mill provides a cost-effective way to make sure your documents don’t get into the hands of thieves once you no longer need them. And, you can watch us shred your documents when you choose mobile shredding.

Secure Mobile Shredding Services

Data security is more than just secure mobile shredding. You already keep your file room locked and, in some cases, restrict who in your organization can access the files, whether they are paper files or electronic files. When you take such secure measures while you have to keep files, you should also take the same secure measures when it’s time to discard the files.

We provide locked shred boxes so that you can put files you no longer need into the shred boxes and make room in your filing cabinets. You then get a certificate of destruction once we shred the files – and you can watch us as we take the locked shred boxes, bring them to our truck, which is in your parking lot, and then shred the files.

Additionally, we also shred digital media. Erasing or wiping your hard drives, USB drives and other digital media is not enough. Thieves have programs that can help them recover information from your digital media. When you shred your digital media with our mobile shredding services, you can be sure that no one will be able to access your data. You will also receive a certificate of destruction for shredding digital media.

Contact River Mill Data Management

Secure your data with mobile shredding services by River Mill. Contact us for more information on our pricing and to set up a schedule to shred your documents. Whether you need our shredding services biweekly, monthly, quarterly or even yearly, we can help you keep your data secure.

Date Posted: April 16, 2020

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