The Disgruntled Employee – An Onsite Shredding Service in GA Can Help

Onsite shredding service GeorgiaThe second type of human factor is the disgruntled employee bent on harming your business, but a good onsite shredding service in Georgia can help mitigate this type of risk.  You may have an employee who is unsatisfied with his/her current position.  He/she may feel resentment and may look for ways to exit the company, but not before stealing a mountain of valuable proprietary information or more likely a lengthy list of customers and clients.  This information could literally be worth tens of thousands of dollars (or more) to someone willing to take it, and unfortunately without a solid shredding policy put in place by a reputable onsite shredding service in GA, you can be left terribly vulnerable to this kind of insider threat.

With an onsite shredding service in Georgia,  you will often receive several locked storage bins so that your employees can place their document waste directly in the secure bins, leaving nothing exposed for a disgruntled employee to steal and use or sell.  Your trusty blogger once worked at a company that placed reams of financial documents about their various confidential projects directly in the small blue paper recycling bins at each desk.  These documents were left exposed and could easily have been taken by any one of the dozens of employees there to give to a competitor or use for their own purposes.  Had they used a mobile document shredding company in GA, the possibility of that occurring would have been greatly diminished.  Even worse, employees had been trained on how to handle the very sensitive documents, such as paperwork with names and social security numbers of clients attached (often with juicy financial data included).  They knew that these documents had to be shredded, but more often than not, they remained for weeks in piles under the desk, waiting for a temp to go to the mail room and shred them.  This was a huge potential boon for anyone willing to take this information and had there been easily accessible storage bins, placed by an onsite shredding service in GA, then again, the risk could have been greatly diminished.

In our last installment of this three parter, we’ll look at how an unscrupulous competitor may view your un-shredded document waste and how an onsite shredding service in Georgia can help eliminate that type of risk as well.

Date Posted: July 23, 2011

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