The End of Summer and Mobile Shredding Services in Georgia

None of likes to say it, but the Summer is nearing an end.  So, this may be the best time of of year to take a renewed look at your on-site document shredding in Georgia.

on-site document shredding services Georgia

Weekend barbecues and family vacations are winding down and we’re all getting ready to head back to work and for our kids to go back to school.  Unfortunately, when Fall hits, we will get pulled back into our crazy schedules and before we know it, we’ll be carving a pumpkin for Halloween and then cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving.

So, in these last few weeks before Labor Day, take the time to look through all the documents your business is currently storing and ask yourself whether or not you really need to hold on to them.  It may be that you could really benefit from some on-site document shredding in GA.  Doing an annual document purge is a great way to free up valuable office space and cutting down on the amount of sensitive documents you are storing can relieve you of potential liability if that information were ever to be lost or stolen.  When you contract for on-site document shredding in Georgia, a NAID certified mobile shredding shredding company will come to your place of business and shred all of your important documents on-site.  This allows one of your employees to view the document destruction process to ensure your sensitive material is disposed of properly.

Also, you may decide that you require on-site document shredding in GA on a regular basis.  This recurring type of service is great for companies that have a consistent document waste flow.  The on-site document shredding company will come to your place of business on a regular schedule (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc…) and it alleviates you having to schedule a pick up.

Use these last few weeks of Summer wisely and conduct a document audit to see if on-site document shredding in Georgia is something your business could benefit from.

Date Posted: August 20, 2011

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